Amarna Letters: Letter from Yapahu of Gezer

Letter from Yapahu of Gezer

EA 298

To the king, my lord, my god, my sun, the sun in the sky. Thus says Yapahu, the amelu[1] of Gazru[2], your servant, the dust of your two feet, the stable-man of your horse: At the two feet of the king, my lord, the sun in the sky, seven times and seven times I prostrate myself both upon the belly and back. And to all that the king, my lord, has told me I have paid close attention. I am the king's servant and the dust of your two feet.

Let the king, my lord, be aware that my younger brother, has rebelled against me and has entered Muhhazu, and he has given over his two hands[4] to the leader of the 'Apiru[5]. And since [..]anna[6] is at war with me, take care of your land. May my lord write to his rabisu[7] about this matter.

[1] amelu, the Man, ruler
[2] Gazru , Gezer in the Judean foothills
[3] Muhhazu, town the location of which is unknown
[4] 'He has given over his two hands' compare this with the ancient Egyptian grasping the hand where a debtor pledges his body as security, which could lead to enslavement.
[5] Hapiru, brigands
[6] [..]anna, town, possibly Tianna
[7] rabitsu , representative of the pharaoh