Book of the Dead - Worship of Re

Introductory Hymn to the Sun-God Ra

Worship of Re when he rises in the eastern horizon of the sky, by N

N Says:

Hail to you, you having come as Khepri, even Khepri who is the creator of the gods. You rise and shine on the back of your mother the sky, having appeared in glory as King of the gods. Your mother Nut shall use her arms on your behalf in making greeting. The Manu-mountain receives you in peace. Maat embraces you at all seasons. May you give power and might in vindication and a coming forth as a living soul to see horakhty to the ka of N.

N says: O all you gods of the Soul-mansion who judge sky and earth in the balance, who give food and provisions; O Tatenen, Unique One, creator of mankind; O Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western Enneads, give praise to Ra, Lord of the Sky, the Sovereign who made the gods. Worship him in his goodly shape when he appears in the Day-bark. May those who are above worship you, may those who are below worship you, may Thoth and Maat write to you daily; your serpent-foe has been given over to the fire and the rebel-serpent is fallen, his arms are bound, Ra has taken away his movements, and the Children of Impotence are non-existent. The Mansion of the Prince is in festival, the noise of shouting is in the Great Place, the gods are in joy, when they see Ra in his appearing, his rays flooding the lands. The Majesty of this noble god proceeds, he has entered the land of Manu, the land is bright at his daily birth, and he has attained his state of yesterday. May you be gracious to me when I see your beauty, having departed from upon earth. May I smite the Ass, may I drive off the rebel-serpent, may I destroy Apep when he acts, for I have seen the abdju-fish in its moment of being and the bulti-fish piloting the canoe on its waterway. I have seen Horus as helmsman with Thoth and Maat beside him, I have taken hold of the bow-warp of the Night-bark and the stern-warp of the Day-bark. May he grant that I see the sun-disc and behold the moon unceasingly every day; may my soul go forth to travel to every place which it desires; may my name be called out, may it be found at the board of offerings, may there be given to me loaves in the Presence like the Followers of Horus, may a place be made for me in the solar bark on the day when the god ferries across, and may I be received into the presence of Osiris in the Land of Vindication.

For the ka of N.

Translation by Allen and Faulkner

Provided by Marie Parsons

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