Book of the Dead - Giving a Mouth

The Chapter Of Giving A Mouth To the Osiris Ani, The Scribe, And Teller Of The Offerings Which Are Made To All The Gods, Whose Word Is True, Who Saith:

I rise up out of the Egg in the Hidden Land. May my mouth be given unto me that I may speak therewith in the presence of the Great God, the Lord of the Tuat. Let not my hand and my arm be repulsed in the presence of the Chiefs (Tchatchau) of any god. I am Osiris, the Lord of Ra-stau. May I, the Osiris, the scribe Ani, whose word is true, have my portion with him who is on the top of the Steps (Osiris). According to the desire of my heart I have come forth from the Island of Nesersert, and I have extinguished the fire.

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