Egypt Bulletins and Timely Information from Tour Egypt


Development of Tourist Sites in Northern Sinai (July 28, 1999)

Millennium Concert Update (July 20, 1999)

June Egypt Update

Millennium Concert at Giza Plateau

Mediterranean Travel Fair Update

1999 Egypt Update

Millennium Celebrations in Egypt

Diving Spots Re-opened in the Red Sea

Egyptian Government Extending Validity of Facilities Offered

Opera Concert at the Pyramids

Increasing Number of Flights Between Egypt and Austria

Sound and Light show in Russian

Aswan Open-Air Sculpting Symposium

Re-opening of El-Ghouri Mosque

Al-Arish Rates Second Unpolluted City

New Egyptology Museum at Cairo-Fayoum Road

Registration of Egyptian Antiquities

5500 Year Old Archaeological Discovery

Discovery of a "4700 year old Tomb"

Egypt Celebrates Sphinx Recovery

AIDA at the Pyramids

New Electronic Security System at Cairo Museum Now in Operation

Inauguration of New Cairo Airport Main Runway

New Aswan International Airport to Open in the Next Three Months

President Mubarak to Inaugurate the Sphinx Restoration Project

Minister of Tourism Receives German TV Delegation

Arabian Horse Festival

US & European Security Experts' Report on Travel to Egypt

Tour Packages to Egypt

Discovery of a Pharaonic tomb in Sohag

Cheops Pyramid to be Closed for Eight Months

Completion of the Sphinx Restoration Works

A Ceremony for Signing the Contract of Marsa Alam Airport

Discovery of an Ancient Human Settlement

$5 Million for Environment Protection in the Red Sea

Discovery of Jesus' Water Well

New Developments in the Toshka Project

International Panel on Toshka Antiquities

Newly Opened Resorts and Hotels

Mobile Telephone Service Expansion

Electronic Fences in Upper Egypt

New Electronic Security System at the Egyptian Museum

15th International Bridge Tournament in Cairo

Foreign Correspondents Take a Railroad Trip Across Egypt

Shopping Festivities in July '98

Reopening of Mycerinus Pyramid

8 Million Pounds (Approx. US$2.4 M) for Excavation Work

Discovery of a Roman Bath in Sinai

New Homes for Luxor Random Housing Dwellers

New Aswan Airport to Operate Soon

First Egyptian Air Ambulance Service

Celebration of the Egyptian National Aviation Day

Archaeological Restoration and Improvement of Famous Sites

Statement dated December 4, 1997 regarding cancellation of fees and lowering of EgyptAir domestic fares

Statement dated November 19, 1997 regarding attack in Luxor

International Celebration on the Occasion of Inaugurating the Nubia Museum

International Celebration for the Renovation of the Sphinx

New Discovery in Sakkar

Restoration of Edfu Temple

New Archaeological & Scientific Findings in the Tomb of Ramses' Sons

Restoration of the Statue of King Ramses II

Tutankhamun's Festivities in Luxor

Aida: An Annual Event

Egypt's Year in France

Fees for the "Faces of Fayoum"

Restoration of Two Castles in Siwa Oasis

New Developments in Luxor Airport

A Satellite Survey of the Archaeological Golden Treasures Area

World Soccer Championship (For youth under 17 years old)

Rally of the Pharaohs - October 2-12, 1997

Cairo International Song Festival

Fischer's Peace Concert Performed in Front of the Sphinx

Eleven New National Parks

Display of Sinai's Archaeological Treasures in a National Museum - 1997: Sinai's Year

An International Nile Festival to Enrich Egypt's Tourist Agenda

Upgrades & Expansions in Luxor Airport

President Mubarak Inaugurates Two Major Projects in Luxor

Civil Aviation Authority of Egypt Adopts Upgrading Plan at Cairo International Airport

Aswan-Abu Simbel Road Open to Tourist Buses

New Arrival and Departure Facilities for Tourists and Investors

Improvements of Airport Facilities in Egypt

Inauguration of the Temple of Amenhoteb III in Luxor

Aswan - Abu Simbel Road to remain open until May 1997

Travel Agent Magazine selects Dr. Mamdouh El- Beltagui, Minister of Tourism of Egypt, as winner of the man of the Year 1996

Verdis Aida is Back to Egypt

751 Million Egyptian Pounds To Establish and Develop Airports in Egypt