Egypt: Cairo International Conferences Center in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo International Conference Center

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Cairo International Conference Center in Egypt

The Cairo International Conference Centre (CICC) is considered one of the largest conference halls in the world.It was; inaugurated by President Mubarak on November 29, 1989.It is located in Nasr City, Cairo.

The main building occupies an area of 58,000 square metres, and green areas of 168,000 square metres including a natural garden having a pool and waterfalls, as well as rest houses.The CICC offers all kinds of services related to conferences, exhibitions, ceremonies and gala nights.It is made up of three main halls. The first has a seating capacity of 2500, the second 800, and the third 600 people.All the halls are provided with simultaneous interpretation booths as well as a closed TV circuit. The CICC has a 3500 square metres exhibition hall.

The CICC also hosted dozens of international, regional and local conferences. To name a few:
In September 1992 the ASTA Conference, which is the biggest gathering of U.S. tour operators and travel agencies.

In September 1994, it hosted the International Conference on Population and Development organised by the United Nations. It was the largest world gathering ever in Egypt with 20,000 participants.

The "Interbuild 95" conference and exhibition for building and construction was held in the CICC in November, 1995 in which more than 29 countries participated.

The International Tourism Association conference was held on October 17,1995 on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. It was attended by 122 countries and 66 Tourism Ministers. The conference has decided to accept the CICC as a member of the Association, as one of its
95 external members.

The CICC also hosted two Arab Summits; in August 1990 following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and in June 1996, when for the first time in th history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab League endorsed peace as a strategic option for the Arab world as a whole.

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