Egypt: Entertainment Review: Peking Restaurant

Peking Restaurant

By Dr. Maged El-Bialy

From the entrance of the restaurant you can know you are about to enter a new and mysterious place. The green corridor of the restaurant is like a teleport that transports you to a romantic den in the middle of the busy Cairo City. The dimly lit atmosphere puts you in a trance and you are simply let yourself be guided to your table. You are welcomed with a warm damp towel to wipe your hands with. The Peking restaurant has been a hospitable place since the 1960s, when the first branch of the chain restaurant was opened downtown of Cairo. Although the six branches of the Peking restaurant are all fabulous, the Mohandessin branch is the most romantic of them all. It has a unique atmosphere that will bring all the passion out of you.

Peking Restaurant - Mohandeseen Branch in Giza, Egypt

The menu is endless. All the dishes are made from mouth watering Chinese recipes. This little China restaurant is not only romantic but also a fun place to hang out in. Pino, a great guitarist, entertains you and sing beautifully in different languages as you eat your meal. Not only talented, Pino, is a humorous character that will make you laugh.

Fish Menu at the Peking Restaurant in Egypt

The menu, of the Peking restaurant, is huge and you are left but to try and resist not ordering all the dishes as if you had the space in you. There are a wide variety of appetizers, salads, fish, prawns, calamari, duck, chicken, beef, rice and noodles. The list goes on forever and it would take me a couple of months to try all the dishes in the menu. However every dish I tried was a work of art with no faults. The food was hot, the drinks were cold and the service was hospitable and professional.

There are two addictive appetizers that you should not miss if you eat at Peking restaurant which are fried Spring Rolls and fried Won Ton. These two succulent appetizers when dipped in sweet and sour sauce will give you a trip of ecstasy. Prawn crackers also have the same wonderful effect.

For the main dish, well, I stand speechless because I assure you that any dish you choose is delicious. All I could say that the main dishes contain a filling quantity of food. My favorite dishes are "sliced fried chicken yen style", "fried fish yen style" and "fried calamari with mushrooms". There is a range of alcoholic drinks that you can order.

Calamari and Ducks Menu at Peking Restaurant in Cairo

I did not want to leave the Peking restaurant in Mohandessin because I was enjoying the time I was spending there. I had excellent food, entertained by a talented man (Pino) and served like a King. Mr. Medhat, the manager of Mohandessin Peking Restaurant, told me that he has been with the Peking Chain Restaurants for over 14 years. Experience is the key to success in the Peking Restaurants. With that they can deliver a higher quality of service and entertainment. Quality seems to be the main concern to those who run the Peking Restaurants.

The Mohandessin Peking is not the only branch. If you are looking for more entertainment than romance, well you should not miss the Zamalek or Maadi Peking. There you can find live entertainment. The Zamalek Peking has always been a reputable nightspot of Cairo and a major destination to serious "clubbers". The Maadi Peking Boat is another legend that needs a separate article to evaluate but the conclusion: marvelous.

Entertainment at Peking Restaurant in Zamalek

Do not miss going to one of the Peking restaurants as each one tells a different legend. If you could not make it to a Peking then the least you could do is order from their home delivery.

Peking delivery branches:

  • Downtown & Garden City Tel: +202 25912381

  • Mohandessin & Dokki Tel: +202 37499860

  • Heliopolis Tel: +202 24185612

  • Nasr City Tel: +202 22705678 9

  • Maadi Tel: +202 5164218-145

  • Zamalek Tel: +202 33366734

Peking caters for all occasions with an extensive range of equipment, decorations and accessories. In addition, menus are tailor made to suit your needs. Contact the Head office for any enquiries:

The following is contact information for each branch:


14, Saray El Azbakeya St., off Emad El Din St.

Tel: +202 2591 2381

Mohandessin 1:

26, El Atebba St., off Mohy El Din Abu El Ezz St.

Tel: +202 3749 9086

+202 3749 6713

Mohandessin 2 :

9, El Kawthar St., off Gameat El Dowal St.

Tel: +202 374 99 860

+202 333 66 734


Le Peking, 23 (B) Ismail Mohammed St.

Tel: +202 2341 38 94


29, Road 257, El Nasr St. behind Olympic village

Restaurant Tel: +202 2516 4218

Next Door Pub: Tel +202 25164145

S.S. Nile Peking:

Corniche El-Nil (to Maadi), opposite Ministerly Palace

Tel: +2010 216912

+202 25316388


115, Othman Ibn Affan St., off Triumph Sq.

Tel: +202 24185612

Nasr City

9, Ezzat Salama St. off Abbas El Akkad St.

Tel: +202 22705678

+202 22705679


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Aug 3rd, 2011