Christmas Shopping at the Virtual Khan el-Khalili

Christmas Shopping at the Virtual Khan el-Khalili

by Jimmy Dunn

Our hand blown perfume bottle groups are great for office and other Christmas parties

Once again, Christmas approaches, as Thanksgiving gives way to the mad shopping spree of the following weekend. We would like to encourage Tour Egypt readers to visit our on-line store, the Virtual Khan el-Khalili, for at least a some of their Christmas gifts, and there are a number of reasons to do so. Of course, one of the main reasons is that we have some fantastic products imported from Egypt, and offered at very good prices. Furthermore, we have been expanding the variety constantly over the last few years, and particularly lately. We've alsodeveloped a very good reputation, both with the quality of our products and the level of service and delivery. Everything you see in our store we have in our US warehouse available for immediate shipment, and during the business week, we almost always ship the same day as an order is received, provided the order is received before 4:00 pm Central Standard Time. Also, Tour Egypt, now serving our web audience for over ten years, needs your support. Our on-line store is one of the main ways that we support Tour Egypt's vast system of resources on ancient Egypt, Egyptian culture and travel to Egypt, keeping it completely free to our readers.Your support of our on-line store is very important for keeping Tour Egypt the best Egyptian web site on the Internet, and allowing us to travel Egypt and keep our readers completely updated on this popular tourist destination.

Fancy, hand blown glass oil warmers make unique gifts

So if nothing else, consider one of our inexpensive perfume bottles, loved by all women, young and old, as a stocking stuffer. As one of the largest importers of Egyptian blown glass, we have an excellent selection of them in all price ranges, and remember that our hand blown perfume bottle groups make excellent and affordable, as well as unique Christmas party or office gifts. We even carry a good selection of perfumed oils.

Hand hewn alabaster vase, made much the same as in the day's of the pharaohs

But take a look around. Though we have some good souvenir style gifts, such as statues and museum replicas, we have always made the effort to carry more authentic items that represent some of the best of Egyptian handcrafts. Besides perfume bottles, we have many other hand blown glass products, such as oil warmers, glassware and even Christmas ornaments.

Our selection of fine, hand hewn alabaster is one of the best, or we also have colorful polished Alabaster, all made in Egypt. In mother of pearl, we have boxes, games, picture frames and even professional Egyptian drums. We take great pride in our mother of pearl products, insisting onthe best grade of materials and workmanship. There are also leather and wood gifts, including puzzles, traditional Egyptian brass plates, and lots of ceramic items, such as coffee mugs, espresso sets and plates. We also have listed, from an affiliate program with Amazon, books, CD and a few other products, though most everything we sell is made in Egypt.

A fine, mother of pearl box

Keep our art department in mind, where we offer genuine papyrus art, often signed, the work of David Roberts, old photographs by Lehnert & Landrock, great, large format lithographs by Jim Brown and fine, authentic papyrus art, all ofwhich is hand painted and often signed by the artist.

Photographs by Jimmy Dunn in Egypt

My own photography in Egypt, which helps support our explorations in Egypt, is also available as prints in various sizes. I use very high definition equipment capable of producing fine art, large format photographs, and over the coming weeks, we will be adding many more to the collection from the first segment of our recent Survey of Egypt.

We have too many other gifts to mention here, from tableclothes to an entire section on King Tutankhaman memorabilia, to so take a look at the Virtual Khan el-Khalili, and don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-598-4747. Ask for Kelly, our very knowledgeable and competent store manager (always available on week days).

Of course, our on-line store is named after the famous Egyptian Bazaar known as the Khan el-Khalili, which has existed in Cairo for some one thousand years, and we have a good cross selection of items representative of what can be found there. Indeed, we buy many of our products from that market, though we also buy from cooperatives and markets from Alexandria to Aswan.

Beautiful Egyptian ASFOUR Crystal

Some of these items are made by small cooperative groups in Egypt who, like Tour Egypt, also need your support. Many of these are charity cooperatives that help regional or social groups, such as women, earn a living. Hence, we have a rather vast variety of items, including some one-of-a-kind gift ideas that can be found nowhere else. Many of these products will, because of their beauty and unique character, such as our Egyptian made crystal collection, even be appealing to those without any interest in Egypt.

We hope you will take the time to shop our on-line store. Though it does help Tour Egypt, we believe that our readers will also find that wonderful, unique gift for a special someone at a very reasonable price. Also keep in mind that last minute shopping magic, the Gift Certificate. Ours do not expire, and are fully redeemable at their face value at any time for any product. No gimmicks or small print, and the gift certificate can be printed at home seconds before gifts are opened.