The New Tour Egypt

We are excited about our efforts and we hope our readers will be excited too. However, that is not all that has changed. After over 15 years of advising tourists about travel to Egypt, we have finally decided to form our own, very unique travel company. Tour Egypt, Inc. is unique because it is a US corporation (incorporated in the state of Texas) that is completely licensed as a Tour Operator in Egypt. That is unusual because most companies from the US rely on independent Tour companies in Egypt to actually conduct their land tours. We do it all, from booking the trip to supplying the transportation and guides in Egypt, and we do it with the benefit of having worked with tourists, of having heard their complaints, their wishes and other comments over our long history. Indeed, one of the reasons we formed our new tour company is so that we could provide the level of consistent tourism performance that has been lacking in the industry.

Yet we will strive to provide more than consistent performance. Look for us to innovate, to actually create new trends and techniques in Egyptian tourism. Not only will we be providing new adventurous tours, but we will work to change the way tours are conducted and even information processes before the tour begins.

We look forward now to not only serving your information needs concerning Egypt in the future, but also your tourism requirements. So please give us an opportunity to provide you with five star service no matter what your travel budget is.

Last Updated: 9/3/10