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Essays and Studies

The Egyptian religion ranks foremost of all the ancient religions as the most-studied. More scholarship has been devoted to the religion of the ancient Egyptians than any other ancient culture.

Most of this scholarship is of an extremely technical and professionally academic nature, but due to the amount of research done over the years, even amateur Egyptologists can get involved. That's what this section is for, for we the users of Tour Egypt to trade our ideas and theories on the religion of the ancient Egyptians. I am issuing a "call for papers" on ancient Egyptian religion. E-mail me your papers, your theses, your treatises and articles. They will be subjected to a light peer review, and placed here on the website for all to read.

You will no doubt note that I have only one article to my name here. I have decided not to flaunt my ego (and my profligacy) by placing my entire curriculum vitae online. This is primarily for all of you who have read and learned from this site to demonstrate your knowledge.

The Role of the Pharaoh
A brief discussion of the role of the Pharaoh as priest-king and avatar of the gods.

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