The Gods of Ancient Egypt -- Myths and Fables

Myths and Fables

No collection of ancient gods and goddesses would be complete without their stories. The ancient Egyptians were consummate storytellers and they had stories for everything. Since literacy was largely a skill reserved for the upper classes, the majority of literature from the ancient times is of the oral tradition. It is then only in the lofty sacred texts that we tend to find the stories actually written down, and then only in very formal, ritualistic language. Here is a collection of some of the more popular myths of the ancient Egyptians. There are "just so" stories which explain why things are the way they are, some humorous tales of the exploits of the gods, and stories that formed the basis of Egyptian religion.

The Creation
In which the world and all that is in it is created and the gods and people fill the universe.

The Legend of Osiris
In which the god Osiris is murdered by his wicked brother Set, becomes lord of the dead, and is avenged by his son Horus.

The Game of the Moon
In which Khonsu wagers part of his light against Thoth's knowledge in a game of Senet.

The Book of Thoth
In which Setna, the great scribe, seeks out the Book of Thoth which contains all knowledge, and his adventures thereby.

The Sphinx and the Prince
In which Prince Thutmose speaks with the Great Sphinx and has great fortune because of his devotion to the gods.

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