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General History Sites

  • A Bridge to Egypt

    A Bridge To Egypt is a site dedicated to providing information about Egypt. Our goal is not only to inform visitors about Egypt's rich culture, but also to display Egypt's current economy, education, sports and entertainment . We hope that you find your visit useful.

  • Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

    A well respected and informative web site on ancient Egypt

  • Anthony's Egyptology and Archaeology

    Another good general history site with considerable audio and lots of information on gods.

  • Splendors of Ancient Egypt

    An excellent general history site with many pictures based on the Florida International Museum exhibit.

Specific Subjects

General Egyptian Sites with Historical Content

  • Guardian Egypt

    A well known and informative site with considerable specific content.


Egyptology and other Schools

Alternative Theories

  • The Sphinx Group

    A web site dedicated to alternative theories about ancient civilizations and the origins of Egyptian monuments

  • The Tehuti Research Foundation

    Dedicated to the study of ancient Egypt, in a purer form, this web site offers interesting alternatives to classical Egyptology.

  • The Enterprise Mission

    Information about tunnels in the Great Pyramid

  • The Orion Mystery

    The web site based on the Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval

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  • KMT

    A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt


Other Sites

The Plateau

  • Official web site of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of the Pyramids