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El-Ishaqi Mosque

The Emir Qijmas el-Ishaqi was the head of Sultan Qaitbay's stables. In 1480, he had his unusual mosque built on a triagular property, but in cruciform layout. As was common, the mosque is built above shops which occupy the street level. The main mosque is attached to its sabil-kuttab across the street by a second story bridge covered by mashribiyya. The main building is noted for its outstanding workmanship. The entrance contains Koranic inscriptions and an exceptional ablaq marble panel in which leaf forms swirl in black, white and red. Just inside is a square entrance hall with painted wood ceiling surrounded by an epigraphic frieze. There is a latticed window between this room and the mausoleum. The main mosque's carved stone walls and woodwork are outstanding. The qibla is decorated with red and white marble and has beautiful marble floors, while the carved minbar is past inlaid with ivory. The tomb chambers are found through a door in the qiblah wall.

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