Koller Papyrus: Warnings to the idle scribe

Koller Papyrus:
Warnings to the idle scribe

They tell me that thou forsakest writing, and departest and dost flee; that thou forsakest writing and usest thy legs like horses of the riding-school(??).

Thy heart is fluttered; thou art like an axj-bird. Thy ear is deaf(?); thou art like an ass in taking beatings. Thou art like an antilope in fleeing.

Thou art not a hunter of the desert, nor a Mazoi of the West! Thou art one who is deaf and does not hear, to whom men make (signs) with the hand.

Thou art like the mate of a skipper skilled in (managing) the boat. When he is skipper in the boat, he stands at the prow(?), he does not look out for dangerous winds, he does not search for the current; if the outer(?) rope is let go, the rope in front(?) is in his neck(?). When he is pulling the rope, he catches(?) the ......-birds, he plucks ...........-flowers(?) on the banks, he cuts away clods of earth(??). His ..... ......-trees, he ........... ksb-trees. His ......... is of seven cubits, he cuts reeds(?).

His tresses(??) ......... to his feet, in work of Kush. His ........... is of bright ............ in work of the overseer of .............. He binds threads to its(??) end, in order to wear a loin-cloth(??). He is one who pricks up(?) the ear on the day of the ass; (he is) a rudder on the day of the boat. I will do all these things to him, if he turns his back on his office.

Sources: Alan H. Gardiner Egyptian Hieratic Papyri, Series I: Literary Texts of the New Kingdom, Part I , Leipzig 1911