Ru'a'bil-l-lahma (Crisp Pastry with Meat Filling)

Egyptian Food and Recipes


For Savory Minced Meet:




* 1 kg beef

* 2 onions, chopped very fine

* cooking oil

* salt and pepper




Mince the beef coarsely. Fry the onions until pale gold, then add beef and seasoning and cook until the juice is reabsorbed.


For the Main Dish



* ru'a' (Very thin cracker-type bread)

* Savory minced beef

* Meat Broth

* Butter



Grease a baking tray and boil the meat broth. Take one layer of ru'a' at a time, dip in boiling meat broth, and line bottom of tray. Sprinkle with butter and repeat to cover bottom with 3 to 4 layers. Spread savory minced beef with the remaining melted butter and bake in preheated moderate oven. When the top browns, turn over to allow the bottom to brown as well. Cut into sections while still hot.


Last Updated: June 7th, 2011