Tihna el Jebel in Egypt

Tihna el Jebel

The area of Tihna el Jebel is the Pharaonic town of Dehenet (the forehead) which became the the Greek town of Acoris. Similar to other areas in this region, Tihna el Jebel became a mix of Pharaonic and Greek cultures The temple here were primarily dedicated to Amun and Suchos (which was the Greek name for the crocodile god Sobek), and is reached by a steeply sloping path that was probably lined with alters, statues and columns. Here we find the name of Nero and other Greek texts, written in ink. On a cliff to the right of the temple is a chapel which combines both Greek and Egyptian styles. The chapel was once used as a Christian church, and a cross can be seen in a niche at the back.

There is a Greek temple to the southwest where Zeus-Helios-Serapis was worshipped and here is also a relief which was meant to protect boatmen passing on the Nile.

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