Egypt: Rulers, Kings and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Pepi II


2246-2152 B.C.

6th Dynasty

The fifth king of the 6th Dynasty was the son of Pepi I and Queen Ankhnesmeryre II. This successor of Nemtyemzaf was only six years old when he came to the throne. His mother served as his regent. As a child Pepi received word that a dwarf had been captured. Pepi sent detailed instructions on the care of the dwarf, including a promise of a reward to the official that brought the dwarf safely to him. The letter stressed the importance of 24 hour care to keep the dwarf safe from harm. Pepi sent trading expeditions to Punt and Nubia. Reportedly, Pepi ruled Egypt for 94 years. His wives were Queens Nit, Ankhnespepi, Wedjebten and Ipuit. His pyramid was built in Saqqara.

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