Egypt: Rulers, Kings and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Horemheb



1323-1295 B.C.

18th Dynasty

The fourteenth king of the 18th Dynasty was chief of the army during Tutankhamuns reign. When Tutankhamun died, Ay succeeded the throne. Ay favored Horemheb and kept him on as a military leader.

When Ay died without an heir, Horemheb was made king. Restoring order was his main objective. Once accomplished, Horemheb moved to Memphis and began work on internal affairs. He returned properties of the temples to the rightful priests and lands to the rightful owners. He had restoration projects and building additions in Karnak. He erected shrines and a temple to Ptah. He built tombs at Thebes, in the Valley of the Kings, and Memphis.

He was noted for admonishing high ranking officials against cheating the poor and misappropriating the use of slaves and properties. He promised the death penalty for such offenses. Horemheb had no heir so he appointed a military leader to succeed him. That leader was Ramesses I.