Egypt: Rulers, Kings and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Merenptah



1213-1203 B.C.

19th Dynasty

The fourth king of the 19th Dynasty was in his fifties when he assumed the throne. His father, Ramesses, was long-lived and outlived his first 13 sons. Merenptah, the fourteenth son, was militarily active while a prince. Famine had driven the Sea Peoples and the Libyans across the Egyptian borders. Egypt retaliated with vengeance, overcoming the threat. The battle is recorded at Karnak. The Israel Stela is associated with Merenptah. The stela records a skirmish in Palestine and mentions Israel. This is the only known mention of Israel in Egyptian monuments, and confirms that Israel was established in their own domain at the time of Merenptahs reign. Merenptah's tomb is in the Valley of the Kings.