Egypt: Rulers, Kings and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Shoshenq I

Shoshenq I


945-924 B.C.

22nd Dynasty

Shoshenq I was the first king of the Twenty-second Dynasty and ruled for twenty-one years. His name first appeared in a long inscription found at Abydos while he was the 'great chief of the Meshwesh, prince of princes.' His father was Nemrat, who was the son of the lady Mehetemwaskhe, died and Shoshenq asked the king at that time to allow a funerary cult to be built at Abydos in his honor. The king must have been the last Psusennes of the Twenty-first Dynasty. Shoshenq's son had married Psusennes' daughter, Makare. It is possible that the transition from the Twenty-first to the Twenty-second Dynasty was a peaceful one. Shoshenq's wife, Karoma, was the mother of Osorkon I who was Shoshenq's successor. Shoshenq did considerable building at home in Egypt. He added a new colonnaded forecourt with a triumphal gate that formed an extension of the hypostyle hall in the Amun temple. No work had been done at Karnak since the end of the Nineteenth Dynasty. He also had a successful campaign against the kingdom of Judah and the kingdom of Israel. His tomb is located at Tanis