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Hurghada Holidays

Hurghada at sunset, Egypt

Before Hurghada became the ideal vacation getaway for those seeking tranquility, superb diving locations, impressive choices of water and land activities, and a vibrant nightlife, it was a remote and calm town that still attracted daring tourists even before there was an international airport, who found its perfect weather and striking scenery a haven for water sports and winding down. Despite its rapid development, Hurghada is still known for its local atmosphere.

It goes without saying that Hurghada is a notorious diving location for scuba divers worldwide. Its comfortable weather is ideal for many varieties of rare fish. Daily excursions are available where you can witness colorful species, hard and soft coral, whale sharks, mantas, moray eels, turtles, dolphins, napoleons, tuna, including renowned wreck graveyards such as the one at Sha'ab Abu Nahas. Giftun Island, the second biggest island of the Red Sea, is a picture perfect destination, known for its turquoise waters, white sandy beach, underwater scenery, surreal views, unspoiled coral reefs, and straw huts. Another superb diving location is Sha'ab Ruhr Umm Gamar. You will find substantial varieties of species despite its relatively small reef. Careless Reef is another diving location, known for its immense amount of moray eels surrounding two coral towers. A wide range of services are available to satisfy scuba diving beginners, professionals, and technical divers all of whom can enjoy Hurghada's stunning marine life. Its convenient shallow coral gardens are beneficial for those learning to dive. Snorkeling is the most demanded activity in Hurghada. Snorkeling with family, friends or even alone is an enjoyable way to witness Hurghada's magnificent marina life with minimal effort. The Giftun Island National Part is notorious for such activity as well as in the doorsteps for our beachfront resorts.
A wide variety of water and land activities will make your vacation an unforgettable one. Hurghada's all year-round windy weather makes it the best Red Sea location for wind and kite surfing as well as wakeboarding. Several yearly international competitions are held in Hurghada, thanks to its perfect conditions of wind created from the temperature difference between the land and sea, accelerated by the mountain range. For more relaxed water sports, banana boat rides, snorkeling excursions, pedal boats, canoeing, and glass-bottom boats, among others, are also available. Land activities are a favorite in Hurghada. The desert offers opportunities for several excursions, be it by camels or jeeps, to explore its mountains and valleys. Your trip is not complete without a desert safari, where you'll spend the day in the desert and enjoy a taste of the Bedouins' culture. You can even go hiking and trekking in the desert to take in the natural beauty of the mountains. If you're feeling lazy, hop on a camel or a horse and explore Hurghada's scenery at a slow pace. If you're a golf enthusiast or a golfer-wannabe, you can take advantage of Hurghada's coast scenery by taking in its natural beauty while golfing the day away.It is important to note that these activities do not require special skills, and that even the less fit can enjoy these adventures.

At night, you'll get to experience a local flavour of "shisha" cafes as well as a European flavour of nightclubs and pubs. Chic lounges, karaoke nights, live bands, billiard bars, and vibrant clubbing scenes are just a few of the activities that one can enjoy in this boundless town. A wide variety of local and European inspired restaurants are also available.
Hurghada's close proximity to key locations such as Luxor makes it a hub for those seeking historic sites and tranquil settings. In Luxur, you will find an infinite amount of breathtaking historic sites that we recommend you to stay at one of our hotels so that you won't miss out on anything. The tomb of queen Hatschepsut (in the Valley of the Kings), shining wall paintings dating 3550 years ago,andthe famous temples of Karnak and Luxor are a few samples of what one gets to see in Luxor....and so as not to take away of what Luxor has to offer, we recommend you to see Luxor's webpage and indulge.
Hurghada has became one of the foremost resorts on the Red Sea with some of the finest underwater corals in the world surrounding the shoreline, making the area a haven for divers and holiday-makers alike. It is the ideal vacation for those who want to get away from it all....and still want to enjoy it all.