The Monastery at Abu Menas in Egypt

Abu-Menas Monastery

The monestary can be found between Wadi El-Natrun and Alexandria in the south. Abu Menas Monestary was built in the third century and it celebrates and aknowledges Menas, who was a soldier from Alexandria seving as an officer in Diocleians army. He is famous for publicly anouncing his christianity and rejecting the idea of killing any christians after his army won. It is believed amongst many that after Menas died, the camel who was bringing back his remains from phrygia at some point refused to continue walking, and thats where they burried his remains. The twist is that in that same spot a water well just errupted making the area green and fertile full of vines and olive strees. What once was the Saint Menas Vineyards Oasis is now but ruins and desert.

Attractions in the Area

The Thermal Basilica
Basilica of Arcadius

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