Amarna Letters: A Letter from Tushratta to the King of Egypt EA 17

A Letter from Tushratta to the King of Egypt

EA 17

To Nibmuaria[1], King of Egypt, my brother, say: Thus says Tushratta, King of Mitanni[2], your brother. It is well with me. May it be well with you; with Kelu-Heba[3], my sister, may it be well; with your household, your wives, your sons, your nobles, your warriors, your horses, your chariots, and throughout your land may it be very well.

When I sat upon my father's throne[4], I was still young, and Tuhi did evil to my land, and he killed his lord. And, therefore, he did not treat me well, nor the one who was on friendly terms with me. I, however, especially because of those evils, which were perpetrated on my land, made no delay; but the murderers of Artashumara, my brother[5], along with all that they had, I killed.

Because you were friendly with my father, for this reason I sent and spoke to you, so that my brother might hear of this deed and rejoice. My father loved you, and you loved my father still more. And my father, because of his love, has given my sister to you. And who else stood with my father as you did? The very next year, moreover, my brother's . . . the whole land of Hatti. As the enemy came to my land, Teshub[6], my lord, gave him into my hand, and I destroyed him. And not one of them returned to his own land.

Behold, one chariot, two horses, one male servant, one female servant, out of the booty from the land of Hatti I have sent you. And as a gift for my brother, five chariots (and) five teams of horses I have sent you. And as a gift for Kelu-Heba, my sister, one set of gold pins, one set of gold earrings, one gold idol, and one container of "sweet oil." I have sent her.

Behold, Keliya, my sukkal[7] along with Tunip-ibri, I have sent. May my brother quickly dispatch them so that they may quickly bring back word so that I may hear my brother's greeting and rejoice. May my brother seek friendship with me, and may my brother send his messengers so that they may bring my brother's greeting and I may receive them.

[1] Nibmuaria (or Nimmuaria): Amenhotep III Nebmaatre
[2] Mitanni: Hurrian kingdom in what would be northern Syria today
[3] Shuttarna had married his daughter Kelu-Heba to Amenhotep III, Tushratta did later likewise by marrying his daughter Tadu-Heba to Amenhotep. After Amenhotep III's demise she married Akhenaten.
[4] Father's throne: After the death of Shuttarna II his eldest son Artassumara accessed to the throne but was toppled in a coup d'tat and Tushratta was enthroned.
[5] Artashumara, it is unknown whether he was a brother of Tushratta or a brother king.
[6] Teshub, Hurrian storm-god
[7] sukkal, an official.