Ancient Egyptian Forums (Discussion Groups)

Ancient Egypt Forums (Discussion Groups)

Apparently in ancient times, we once referred to them as mail list servers, but now they are often called forums, and Yahoo simple calls them groups. However you wish to refer to them, they are email servers which distribute mail sent by one user to all users signed up for the group, Everyone in the group may email a main email address, and everyone else will receive the email. Of course, some of these groups are moderated, meaning that there is a group manager that decides if all members of the group should get a member's email or not, and some are un-moderated, meaning that everyone gets whatever any other member sends. Moderated groups have the advantage that "off topic" subjects, as well as any possible spam can be eliminated.

The great thing about these groups is it allows for a very spirited discussion, most often on a variety of subjects, and the name of the group may not play too much importance in what is discussed. Questions may be asked, and will most often be answered, so they are a great learning tool for people interested in a specific topic, such as ancient Egypt.

Probably one reason that these groups are no longer referred to as lists are that they have options, which can completely eliminate the email. The groups on Yahoo may be subscribed to without receiving email. In fact, one may elect to have no emails sent, and simply read and respond to messages on Yahoo, receive a daily digest of messages or receive all individual emails. So in this case, it can truly be a forum. As a final note, for those who elect to receive all email, it may be best to set up a filtered mail box to receive messages, as they can be numerous at times.

There are three specific forums that we have found very useful. These include:

Amun, a moderated forum. This forum is generally scholarly and follows orthodox or classical Egyptology although some "Alternative Research" is discussed provided it is properly researched.

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EgyptNews Talk is an un-moderated forum. They discuss everything related to Ancient Egypt.We originally joined this group do to the publishing of lecture events.


Osiris is also an un-moderated forum. The Forum is generally scholarly and follows orthodox or classical Egyptology although some "Alternative Research" is discussed.

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