The Snow - White Desert

The Snow-White Desert

The richness and variety of Egyptian landscape is endless. At least if you ever decide to visit the White Desert, that's the message you'll get. It is a vast stretch of land in the Western Desert that borders Baharia Oasis to the north and Al-Farafra to the south.

The snow-white desert is actually made of chalk that has been exposed for years to what geologists call "differential weathering," the erosion of soft particles that results in eerie protrusions of hard rock.

This explains the very beautiful forms that now fill the White Desert including shapes like domes, minarets, castles, towers and so forth.

The destination has proved a great attraction to low-budget travelers who camp in the few oases, watch the fauna and flora and enjoy the mild winter weather.

Shallow water levels allow for modest vegetation and wildlife. One example is the Cairo University Oasis which comprises only one palm and a few green trees, used by academics and students to rest and eat. The desert could be a great safari area.

Courtesy: "1000 Words in pictures" magazine
issue 13, July 15 -August 15, 1999.

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