Egyptian Hotel Review - Golden 5, Cataract Pyramids and Nile Hotel

Volume II, Number 3 March 1st, 2001

The Golden 5 Complex in Hughada, Cataract Pyramids in Cairo (Giza) and the Nile Hotel in Cairo

This month we look at three large hotels, all five star, and all with a little something very special about them. The Golden five is more of a complex which includes several hotels in Hurghada, and one of the largest facilities most people will ever stay in. Also a large complex, and boasted by management as Egypt's first urban resort is the new Cataract Pyramids hotel. Finally, there is the venerable Nile Hotel (Previously Nile Hilton), still a favorite of many coming to Cairo.

The Golden 5 Complex, Hughada by Jimmy Dunn

The Cataract Pyramids Resort, Cairo (Giza) by Jimmy Dunn

The Nile Hotel by Jimmy Dunn

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