Egypt : Tour Egypt Monthly : April 2001

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

Feature Articles

The Cat in Ancient Egypt by Ilene Springer

After the pyramids and the kohl painted eyes, almost nothing evokes more awe and mystery than the fascination ancient Egyptians had with cats.They were not only the most popular pet in the house, but their status rose to that of the sacred animals and then on to the most esteemed deities like no other creature before them.

Ancient Egyptian Alcohol by Caroline Seawright

Beer, called hqt by the ancients and zythus by the Greeks, was a very important Egyptian drink. It was a drink for adults and children alike. It was the staple drink of the poor (wages were sometimes paid in beer), it was a drink of the rich and wealthy, and a drink offered to the gods and placed in the tombs of the dead.

Getting Around in Cairo by Jimmy Dunn

We take a look at taxis, not for the first time, and we take a first look at the Cairo Metro. Taxis are one of the main ways to get about in Egypt, but knowing how they operate can save hundreds of dollars, and knowing that the Cairo Metro is a clean safe and utterly inexpensive alternative can even save even more.

Queens of Egypt, Part III - Cleopatra by Dr. Sameh Arab

Cleopatra was that last sovereign of the Macedonian dynasty, and though with no Egyptian blood, she proclaimed herself as "Daughter of Ra", the "Sun God of Egypt". She dedicated her efforts to enforce her royal status as queen of Egypt, to restore the glories of Ptolemies and recover their dominions in southern Syria and Palestine, as well as to share in the central Roman authority.

Women in Ancient Egypt By Caroline Seawright

In Egypt, women were much more free than their counterparts in other lands... though they were not equal with men, both men and women in Egypt accepted that everyone had their roles in ma'at (the natural order of the universe)... and that the roles of men and women were different. Find out more about ancient Egyptian women through the eyes of Caroline Seawright.


Ancient Beauty Secrets
by Judith Illes

Ancient Egyptian images of individuals as well as social gatherings are filled with flowers. Divinities, pharaohs and commoners alike are adorned with blossoms and garlands. These blossoms range from the lotuses and papyrus that once grew rampantly by the Nile to cultivated flowers. Indeed, it is believed that some of the earliest gardens on Earth were in ancient Egypt.

Book Reviews
by Mary Kay Radnich

The Secrets of the Mummies is a little full-color paperback full of interesting information and stories of mummies. Mary Kay gives us a review of this children's book, and also Travel Photography: A guide to Taking Better Pictures which, while not about Egypt, is very useful for Egyptian tourists. Jimmy Dunn also reviews Video Visits, a video guide book about Egypt.

Kid's Corner
by Margo Wayman

Margo has been very busy both with the Kid's Corner in the Tour Egypt Monthly and the Color Me Egypt section of Tour Egypt. This month she focuses on the the Pyramids, with more games, activities and many new stories, along with fun recipes for kids.

Cooking with Tour Egypt
by Mary Kay Radnich

Mary Kay shows us this month how a basic Tabouli Salad can be transformed into a satisfying and colorful main course dish.

Hotel Reviews
By Jimmy Dunn

This month we review two very different hotels, the Jasmine Inn in Hurghada, perhaps better known for its diving center, one of the oldest in Hurghada, and the Cairo Sonesta, actually located in Heliopolis.

Egyptian Exhibitions
by deTraci Regula

deTraci is taking this month off. However, we have worked hard to provide a roundup of Egyptian exhibitions all over the world. See what is coming up Egyptian in your part of Earth

Egyptian Night Life
by Juergen Stryjak

April the first is when the summer season starts at the Marriott Garden Caf

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