Ancient Egypt is the first site to be discussed this month

Egyptian Web Reviews

Siri Bezdicek

Ancient Egypt is the first site to be discussed this month. Overall this site is very attractive, well organized and well laid out. The only real problem I have is that the index on the left is hard to read because it has a dark background; however, when you pause your mouse over the different items on the index, a box pops up with the index item name. There is a wealth of information contained on this site including a page on daily life, which includes information on family life, marriage, food and cooking, housing and furniture, and even cosmetics. There aren't many pictures on this site, but it is definitely worth a visit due to the incredible amount of concise, easy to read information it contains.

Next is a site titled . This is a very attractive site that offers an abundance of information. Some topics include life in ancient Egypt, Gods, the Myth of Osiris, and a section called The Complete Mummy. In addition to these more common Egypt-related topics there are also some less common topics offered such as the page on ancient games. There are also quite a lot of pictures on this site to go with the large amount of information. is very well organized and attractive and easy to navigate.

If you are seeking information on hieroglyphics, the next site is for you. The site is actually titled Hieroglyphics and as you can imagine, offers plenty of information on just that. The information presented on this site goes more in-depth than the information presented on many other sites' sections on hieroglyphics. Not only does this site offer a great deal of interesting information on hieroglyphics, it is quite attractive and organized with good graphics/illustrations of hieroglyphics along with information that explains them.

Lastly this month is a site called Indiana and Carolina's Egyptian Adventure Guide . This site offers practical and fun travel tips for people heading to Egypt. The practical tips include such things as visa requirements and health issues, while the fun tips include dining and entertainment, and a page called "Say it in Arabic". There is also a page of anecdotes and a page for women's issues. The site is well organized, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. The Egyptian Adventure Guide is a fun and informative site, and even if you are not planning a trip to Egypt, you should still definitely visit this site.