Egyptian Hotel Review - Basma Hotel, Seti Hotel and St. Joseph hotel

Volume II, Number 6 June 1st, 2001

The Basma Hotel, Aswan, Seti Hotel, Abu Simbel and the St. Joseph, Luxor

This month we review three southern Egypt hotels. Two of them, the Basma and Seti are four star hotels, while the St. Joseph is one of the best budget hotels in Luxor.

Basma Hotel, Aswan by Jimmy Dunn

St. Joseph Hotel, Luxor by Jimmy Dunn

Abu Simbel Seti Hotel, Abu Simbel by Jimmy Dunn

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How the Ancient Egyptians Put Their Feet Up: Furnishings in Ancient Egypt By Ilene Springer

Mr. Mohamed Arabi: The "Bird Man" of Aswan By Dr. Susan L. Wilson

A Brief Look at the Sinai By Jimmy Dunn

Mummies of Ancient Egypt: The Process and Beyond By Catherine C. Harris

The Lost Feeling, Or Was It a Mummy? By Arnvid Aakre

Breaking the Color Code By Anita Stratos

Alabaster: Egypt's Rock of the Ages By Sonny Stengle

Wreck Diving in the Egyptian Red Sea By Ned Middleton

The Animals of Ancient Egypt By Caroline Seawright

Editor's Commentary By Jimmy Dunn

Ancient Beauty Secrets By Judith Illes

Book Reviews Various Editors

Hotel Reviews By Jimmy Dunn & Juergen Stryjak

Kid's Corner By Margo Wayman

Cooking with Tour Egypt By Mary K Radnich

The Month in Review By John Applegate

Egyptian Exhibitions By Staff

Egyptian View-Point By Adel Murad

Nightlife Various Editors

Egypt On Screen By Carolyn Patricia Scott

Restaurant Reviews Various Editors

Shopping Around Various Editors

Web Reviews By Siri Bezdicek

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