Egypt: Tour Egypt Monthly: The Magazine of Egyptian Travel and History - August 2000

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

Feature Articles

Budget and Independent Travel to Egypt - Part II by Jimmy Dunn

We work to make a trip to Egypt a lifetime experience possible for everyone by pointing out how go as inexpensive as possible. Find out all our secrets, our favorite budget establishments and much more. The first part covers travel to Egypt and your visit to Cairo. Part two cover the remainder of Egypt except for the Red Sea and Sinai, which will be presented in part three.

Historical Hotels in Egypt - Part II by Jimmy Dunn

This month we explore the history of the famous Cataract Hotel in Aswan, and its sister hotel, the Winter Palace in Luxor. This is a four part series covering most historical hotels in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan.

Recent Excavations in the Valley of the Kings by the Amarna Royal Tombs Project by Glen Parry

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to visit the Valley of the Kings recently will have noticed that it is once again a hive of activity. Glen Parry leads Tour Egypt readers through a tour of the project.


Ancient Beauty Secrets
by Judith Illes

Judith Illes provides us with 3,000 year old beauty secrets. This month she takes a look at perfume. Up until and during the first few centuries of the Common Era, Egypt was the prestigious center of an international perfume industry

Book Reviews
by Mary Kay Radnich

Leontyne Price, perhaps best known for her career as an opera performer, also reveals her talents as storyteller and writer through this beautiful retelling of Guiseppe Verdis opera, AIDA.

Kid's Corner
by Margo Wayman

This month Margo Wayman who also writes stories for our Color Me Egypt section, focuses on Camels, with games, poems, stories and activities for children.

Cooking with Tour Egypt
by Mary Kay Radnich

One of the most common and most delicious dishes to be found in Egypt and in the Middle East is Hummus bi-Tahina mashed chickpeas with seasoning and sesame seed puree.

Hotel Reviews
By Juergen Stryjak

A lot of travelers, on their way through the Middle East, some days before they arrive in Cairo, call the Pension Roma by telephone. They do so from Amman or Aqaba in Jordan, from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv in Israel, or sometimes already from Damascus in Syria. In addition, Jimmy Dunn reviews the Sheraton Soma Bay, one of the most dramatic hotels in Egypt and located on the Red Sea.

Egyptian Exhibitions
by deTraci Regula

deTraci Regula explores the San Diego Museum of Man, which possesses a permanent collection of Egyptian antiquities called "Life and Death on the Nile. He also looks at San Diego Egyptmania.

Egyptian Night Life
by Jimmy Dunn

Jimmy Dunn looks at the Cairo Opera House, one of the best forms of entertainment in Egypt, with plays, musicals to match other such facilities anywhere in the world.

Restaurant Reviews
by Juergen Stryjak &
Mariam Salama

The Cafe Riche was one of the most famous cafes' in Egypt, often visited by intellectuals long ago. It was closed for a long time, but now its back and Juergen tells us all about it. Mariam Salama reviews the La Casetta, with many locations and great food.

Shopping Around
by Juergen Stryjak

Downtown Cairo, in the middle of traffic noise and dust, there is a nice little romantic bookshop, even if you enter it by accident you will feel caught up in its special atmosphere immediately. Lehnert & Landrock is a landmark of photography.

Egyptian View-Point
by Adel Murad

Tour Egypt has often warned tourists not to attempt to drive in Egypt. But if you must, Adel Murad tells you how to do it. If you can drive in Cairo, you can drive anywhere. But, the experience is not as daunting as it first appears to be.

Medical Advice in Egypt
by Omar Ragab

This month we look at disability travel in Egypt, a country that has been serving the disabled tourist for well over a hundred years.

Editor's Commentary
by Jimmy Dunn

This month we look at culture shock, or at least the lack of it for most visitors to Egypt these days. Its a modern society, and will be recognizable to most tourist as such.

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