Editor's Commentary From Webmaster and Publisher Jimmy Dunn - Chris May

Volume II, Number 8 August 1st, 2001

Goodbye Chris May

By Jimmy Dunn

Hebba and Chris

My last trip to Egypt, taken for the first time with my family, was enjoyable. But now, what I will remember most about the trip is that it was the last time for me to enjoy a cold beer on a warm summer's eve on the terrace of the Longchamps hotel with a good friend, Chris May. I remember him feeling ill as we were set to depart Cairo to go back to the states. Within a month, he had passed away.

Chris was one part of the management at the Longchamps, known to many to be a little gruff, perhaps cantankerous, and he certainly loved to grip. But like many such people, once you got to know the man, you found someone who was a true friend, with a rough exterior, but with a big heart. In his advancing age, mostly he just wanted to golf, and like many Germans, sip his beer in the evenings.

Chris was a longtime employee of Lufthansa Airlines, and continued to do consulting work for them after retirement.

For me, my friendship with Chris was like many of the other odd relationships that Egypt has helped to form. I can't say why, exactly, but for some reason these relationships always seem to me to be so real, so close. Perhaps it is simply the general gracious attitude of the people of Egypt that forces a warmth on even its foreign residents. And with Chris, one had to dig a little, but the warmth was there, and evident.

So now I think back on my last trip, and what most often comes to mind is that last, relaxed evening in the company of Chris, and Hebba, who survives him. Farewell my friend. You will be missed.

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