The first site I will discuss is titled Photographic Images of Ancient Egypt

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Siri Bezdicek

More? Yes, Im back and Ive done it again. Ive repeated my search through the many Egypt-related web sites and come up with four more sites that I think are worthwhile to visit.

The first site I will discuss is titled Photographic Images of Ancient Egypt. This is a really well done site. There arent very many graphics but the color throughout the site is good and the background is good-looking; yet simple and not distracting. The whole site is very well organized and easy to follow. The menu is very nicely done with easy to read blue print on a black background. A common problem I see with sites is that there are either only pictures or only information; that is not the case with this site. The photographs within the site are good and offer a large amount of information accompanying each category.

The next site is called Ancient Egypt. Im sure a lot of time went in to this very attractive informative site. The opening page has a great color map and below that youll find a timeline. It doesnt end there. Ancient Egypt is well laid out with large, easy to read print. There is information on many different topics such as Hatshesput, Kings Valleys Tombs, Pyramids, and Mummification. The information contained within these pages is concise and helpful with very good pictures and illustrations included.

Virtual Egypt is the next site that I will discuss. Now, in my opinion the top of the opening page is a little cluttered but once you get past that the site is quite pleasing to the eye. Virtual Egypt is well laid out, with an easy to read menu including such things as mummies, maps, gods and pharaohs. The hieroglyphic section of this site is very impressive. Of the sites I have seen so far this one has by far the most hieroglyphics. The site also has some good pictures to help illustrate the large amount of information presented. Virtual Egypt also offers Quick Time Panoramas. These panoramas offer an exciting interactive way to see some of the famous attractions of Egypt from your very own home!

While this next site is not quite as extensive as the first three, I still think it deserves some attention. Fruit of the Nile is a simple yet very attractive site. As I did when I first visited the site, one may think that since it has only three categories listed on the main page there isnt much information on the site; on the contrary, Fruit of the Nile has a lot of concise, easy to understand information on each of the three categories it offers. There are nice graphics throughout the site, though not many. I like the nature of this site and the fact that it does not crowd the nice background with graphics just to be "flashy".

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