The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Middle Kingdom

Middle Kingdom

The re-establishment of a single administration for the whole country was achieved by MENTUHOTEP II. The middle kingdom was a period of revival of the Egyptian character. The kings of the eleventh dynasty were able to exert control over the land and located their capital in IST-TAWY (near modern El-LISHT) The kings of the twelfth dynasty promoted the economic and political development ;Egyptian trade flourished, and an elaborate irrigation system was again established.

There was also a reversion to pyramid building , but it was undertaken on a much humbler level as compared with the old kingdom. Unfortunately, this revival was followed by the ultimate downfall of the central government and the country fell into the hands of foreign rulers.

Counting the cattles

Nubian Archers

Fishing with Nets

Sarcophagus of Kawit

Weavers workshop

Carpenters workshop

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