The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Late Period

Late period

The late period was on the whole a period of deterioration. The office of kingship suffered a decline in prestige, and the political and social systems were unstable. Egypt was now ruled from two separate capitals, one in the north and one in the south. Also, large foreign colonies were established within Egyptian territories .The influence of the state god Amun was dispersed among other minor city-gods, but Amon still retained some of his previous power ,at least in Upper Egypt. Political and social instability and the power of the Egyptian pharaohs was weak and challenged by other forces in the country . Large foreign colonies developed and Egypt for the first time opened its borders to the foreigners who settled in the delta.

Mummy Covering

Goddess Isis

Sacred Ibis


A lion Headed Goddess

Hathour & Psammetik

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