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Old Kingdom

The old kingdom represents an important phase in Egypt's political and cultural development. Almost five centuries of continuous progress, lay the foundation to one of the most influential cultures of the ancient world. It was during this crucial period that hieroglyphic writing reached a reasonable level of sophistication and the techniques of crafts came to a high level of professionalism. King Djoser, owner of the step pyramid at Saqqara, is the first and most celebrated king of the Third Dynasty.

The works of CHEOPS, CHEPHREN, and MYCERINUS , the creators of the three pyramids at Giza represents the peak of achievements in the architectural field. A strong centralized government , as well as a divine kingship characterize this period , but towards the end of the period, central authority disintegrated and the country fell into a state of rapid decline.

Statuette of King Khufu


King Djoser (Horus Netjery-Khet)


Reliefs From Tomb of Nefermaat

Sedan Chair of Queen Hetepheres

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