The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Library

Library of the Museum

Library Construction Date :
The Egyptian Museum library was established in the year 1902 .

Management Situation :
The library is under supervision of the Highest Council of Monuments .
(All the labors work for the museum sector)

Library Type:
The library is specialized in old Egyptian civilization with all its branches (history, mathematics, literature, arts, medicine ....etc.).
It's Considered to be one of the most important specialized library in this field allover the world.

Library Contents:
The library contains at most 42500 book, magazines, periodicals in many languages such as Arabic, English, French, Dutch and ... etc.

Library Update :
About 20 to 30 books, magazines, periodicals are added monthly to the library .

Reading :
Reading inside the library is permitted for the following sets of people :
- Researchers and students in the highest council of monuments .
- After graduate studies students of faculties and institute of monuments .
- Foreign researchers and students .

Borrowing :
It's permitted only for researchers and students of Highest Council of Monuments.

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