Ain Umm El-Dabadib, Information on Ain Umm El-Dabadib near the Kharga Oasis

Ain Umm El-Dabadib

Location: Kharga Oasis, Al Wadi Al Gadeed, Egypt


The Roman/Byzantine village of Ain Umm Dabadib is located to the north of Qasr in the Kharga Oasis. The most distinctive attribute of the site is the square towers of the mudbrick fortress, as most others in the area are rounded.

Other ruins at Ain Umm Dabadib include a temple, Coptic church, tombs, and four underground aqueducts They run for over 3 miles with vents for cleaning and repairs every few so often that are covered by large, flat stones. The site is typical of oases fortresses, which is near a spring.

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