What is the AETBI and How Does it Work

Why restructure the AETBI?

Great news to share with our millions of visitors onlinewe have heard youthanks for the great feedback...and after many discussions with the industry experts, we have decided to streamline Tour Egypts operation and simplify the tours process. We are committed to our customer service guarantee and we have decided to provide our guests with a state of the art experience on the web as well as on the land of pharaohs.

Various new features have been introduced like the live chat function, sharing articles and a direct 1-800 line that connect directly with the top Egyptian travel experts. The services will help facilitate information to help our guests plan their trip to Egypt, as well as, discuss ancient Egypt history.

The streamlined travel process will allow us to guarantee a 24-hour promise to deliver a quote for your customized tours and to enable us to promptly follow up on your requests, while guaranteeing top quality tours.

Again we would like to thank our millions of visitors for their feedback on the forum and by email. This would not be possible without you and we look forward to hear from you as always. Stay in touchmany thanks from the Tour Egypt team.