Egypt: Brief on the Cairo International Conference Center - Cheops Hall, Egypt

A Brief on the Cairo International Conference Center

By Dr. Maged El-Bialy

Cheops Hall

The largest, of the four halls. This one holds 2500 people in plush comfort. The stage has the added attraction of two circular daises, which rotate slowly in the opposite directions. The centre dais may be raised l.8m and lowered 2.5m. There are 30 backstage rooms and fully operational and equipped backstage, complete with sets, fire curtain, fire detection and sprinkler systems, and the lighting system is three way operational -computer programmed, manually operated or tine operated.

Also available is a United Nations Voting board, enabling you to vote by nation.

There are facilities for simultaneous translation in any eight languages you care to use and a state of the art Public Address system.

In fact Egypt's largest stage fulfills the most modern stage requirements.

Skilled professional stage technicians ensure that the technical stage equipment is used to its full potential for any type of event.


  • Total area: 2200 sq. m.

  • Maximum capacity: 2444

  • Seats in rows with work desks: 368


  • 2 circular daises raised to 1 .8m and lowered to 3m

  • Depth: 16 m. Width: 20 m. Height: 10 m.

  • Independent junction boxes for additional sound and lighting equipment

  • Variable apron area consisting of 40 curtain guides rails

  • 11 synchronous hoists and 300 synchronous mobile chain hoists, curtain, scrim and cyclorama battens

  • Adjustable proscenium lighting bridges

  • Extensive spotlight inventory from 500 to 5000 watts, mobile spotlight gantries

  • Portable control panels for stage manager and curtain machinery


  • Stereophonic PA system

  • Simultaneous-interpreting system fully equipped for 8 languages

  • Computer controlled stereophonic conference system with aisle microphones

  • Professional film projectors for 16mm and 35mm films

  • High intensity mobile slide projector for 35 mm slides on screen

  • Special high intensity overhead projectors

  • Slide projector for slide on TV.

  • Data show system

  • PC viewer system

  • Color video projection system VHS and timatic

  • Laser pointers

  • Screens available varying in size from 2m to 5m in diameter for rear and front projection.

  • 8 integrated interpreter booths accommodating 2 interpreters each

  • 2 large projection booths integrated at rear

  • 2 radio and TV commentators booth integrated at rear

  • Extensive lighting and sound control panels

  • Closed circuit TV system

  • Discussion system

  • Special Closed Circuit TV for light control

  • Stage lighting consists of 180 dimmer lines with 250 lamp with variable power. Also the control of the lighting can be executed either manual, or automatic using 12 programs or by computer system.


  • Cable ducts to TV vehicle park and interface points for video and sound control

  • Illuminated music stands orchestra seating and lift

  • Adjustable lecterns

  • 10 dressing rooms with closed circuit TV

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