Egypt: Brief on the Cairo International Conference Center - Mycerinos Hall, Egypt

A Brief on the Cairo International Conference Center

By Dr. Maged El-Bialy

Mycerinos Hall

Mycerinos Hall

It is the smallest of the halls with the capacity of 600 seats. This hall provides a functional combination that can systematically reduce it in size to units of 100 with mobile partitions. This division in varied seating configuration makes them well suited for a variety of smaller conferences and events. Each of the divided halls continues to be equipped with simultaneous interpretation in six languages, a mobile stage and a public address system.

Flexibility and convenience have been designed into this hall for many possible usage options.


  • Total area: 1200 sq. m.
  • Maximum capacity: 592
  • Seats in rows with work desks: 296


  • Stereophonic PA system
  • Mobile Wireless microphones matched with PA system
  • Simultaneous-interpreting system fully equipped for 6 languages.
  • Computer controlled stereophonic conference system with aisle microphones.


  • Professional film projectors for 16mm films.
  • High intensity moveable slide projector for 35mm slides on screen.
  • Special high intensity overhead projectors.
  • Slide projector for slide on TV.
  • Data show system.
  • PC Viewer system.
  • Color video projection system VHS and Umatic.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Screens available varying in size from 2m to 5m in diagonal for rear and front projection.


  • S integrated interpreter booths accommodating 2 interpreters each.
  • 2-radio and TV commentators booth integrated at lower level.
  • Extensive lighting and sound control panels.
  • Closed circuit TV system (not available in 100 combinations).
  • Voting system (not available in 100 combinations).
  • Discussion system.

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