Egypt: Brief on the Cairo International Conference Center - Press Center and small halls, Egypt

A Brief on the Cairo International Conference Center

By Dr. Maged El-Bialy

The Press Center, Hall I

The Press Centre in the CICC offers exemplary working conditions for the press, radio and TV. It has a seating capacity of 150 and is superbly equipped with Closed Circuit Television linking you to every hall in the Centre. There are facilities for simultaneous interpretation, PA system, facsimile and telex facilities.

Seminar Rooms

Halls II, III, IV, and V

There are four smaller rooms on the ground level with the Press Center which can be used as smaller conference rooms or seminar rooms and working groups of up to a capacity of 150 people each.

Halls III, IV and V each have a capacity of 150 and Hall II 100. Some of the rooms can be combined and the furnishing facilities and equipment are variable.

Furthermore, the Cafeteria on the same level is a welcome spot for participants to relax and exchange news and views.

Press Room Specifications


  • Total area: 420-sq. m.
  • Maximum capacity: 725
  • Seats in rows with work desks: 163.


  • Mobile Wireless microphones matched with PA system
  • Wireless Simultaneous interpretation system.
  • Discussion System.
  • Professional sound system.
  • Slide Projector with dissolver.
  • Slide Projector for slide on TV.
  • Overhead Projector.
  • Professional film projector 16mm.
  • Color video projector system VHS & U-Mattc.
  • Data show system.
  • PC viewer system.
  • Laser pointer.
  • Screens available varying in size from 2m to 5m in diagonal for rear and front projection.
  • Sound proof telephone booths.
  • Telex.
  • Facsimile.
  • Lines for ticker system for news agencies.
  • Radio and TV cable connections.
  • Wireless communication system.
  • Paging system.
  • Microwave link with TV and radio.
  • Closed Circuit TV terminals.
  • All conferences/events can be broadcast simultaneously

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