Sharm el-Sheikh, the Little City that Could

The Little City that Could

by Jimmy Dunn

One of the main streets in Sharm, with many shops

After the terrible events in Sharm el-Sheikh last month (July, 2005), there were many who thought that it spelled an end to this place that is called the City of Peace. But this little beach town has not only charm, but personality and it would seem, a will of its own. Over time, memories have been made here, and those memories have been taken back by people to all corners of the world.

Sharm is known as the City of Peace because of the many peace and other world conferences that have been held here. In a certain respect, it is the Geneva in this part of the world, as well as one of the best beach resorts. But it is more than that. People who lack peace are really those who want security for their families, to be able to dream, wish and have a hope for the future. And peace is also about rejuvenation, building upon perhaps a shattered past.

A stage show in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is proving that it can live up to all of this, with the help of many people who love it so. What is now being revealed in Sharm is a certain spirit, both by those who live and work here, the tourists who visit and those all over the world who love Sharm. And they seem to be gathering.

We are reporting from Sharm at the moment on our Sharm News Blog. We have one of our writers there just digging into everything that is happening in this little city that could. If everyone is not streaming back just yet, many are, and along with them are coming entertainers and personalities in support. In fact, rather than shrinking away, the party seems to be growing. There are street festivals here now, where bands come to play in protest to terrorism. Other personalities are organizing various events, and there is now talk of a major international film festival to be held in the city. Others, such as Magda al Roumi, a well known Egyptian singer, are arranging concerts.

A view of Na'ama Bay

So the party does go on. We have seen reports that the city is returning to normal, but this is really not the case. It is not only rejuvenating itself. It seems to be becoming more than it ever was, a little brighter, a little livelier. Sometimes horrible troubles build character, and this seems to be what has happened. Like the old saying goes, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and this is what Sharm is becoming, stronger, and with more character.

Swimming at Sharm amongst the fish

In fact, it almost seems as though, because of Sharm, the world is becoming stronger. Since the tragic events in Sharm, many new leaders, including those in the Muslim world, are saying no to terrorism. And from our feedback, it seems that tourists traveling to Sharm are doing so not just in defiance, but in protest. They tell us that they will not allow terrorists to control their lives, and frankly, it almost seems that this one event has turned the tide against more terrorism.

Of course, security is not being ignored in Sharm. As we have previously reported, there are many new safety measure that have been put into place to safeguard tourists.

Come walk with us in Sharm. Its as close to being there as one can get. We would like to thank the folks at South Sinai Travel for sponsoring our visit to the city and providing both technical and logistical support. Without them, we would have had a difficult time showing you this little city that could!