Egypt Picture - The Ripple

The Ripple

The Ripple


Sherief Yousri


The Ripple


Sherief Yousri, photographer and Art Director at submitted this serene picture taken at Qarun Lake - El Fayoum. Lake Qarun Nature Reserve is distinguished by its matchless environmental and natural assets. Within this reserve that comprises 1155 sq. km of land and 230 sq. km of water, both the old and modern civilizations have converged. Lake Qarun is a safe haven and warm cradle for thousands of migrant birds fleeing the severe cold of Europe. It is also the incubator and the happy nest that embraces infant birds on the lake islets during reproduction time. Various kinds of fish live in the lake waters, while many species of mammals, reptiles and birds live in this wonderful reserve. Moreover, the reserve abounds in rare fossils, archaeological and geological formations.

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Last Updated: June 13th, 2011