Egypt Picture - Coffin of Djedhoriufankh

Coffin of Djedhoriufankh

TR Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Painted Wood
Size: Length 203 cm; Width: 61 sm
Location: Western Thebes at Qurna
Excavation: T. Davis Excavations of 1916
Period: Early 22nd Dynasty, Reign of Sheshonq I or Osorkon I (c. 945-900 BC)

Unfortunately, the lid to this coffin is lost to us, but the surfaces of the lower part are covered with an iconographic repertory similar to that which in previous ages decorated the walls of the tombs. Djedhoriufankh was a priest, and the decorative theme of his coffin are divided amongst registers.

Coffin of Djedhoriufankh

Photographer: Unknown

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