Egypt Picture - The Family of Neferherenptah

The Family of Neferherenptah

JE 87807, 87806, 87804, 87805 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Painted Limestone
Size: From Left to Right
Merettes (JE 87807) Height: 39 cm
Satmeret (JE 8708 Height: 53 cm
Neferherenptah (JE 87804) Height: 65 cm
Iten (JE 87805) Height: 37 cm
Location: Cemetery of Giza, Mastaba of Neferherenptah
Excavation: S. Hassan Excavations of 1936
Period: Late 5th or Early 6th Dynasty (Mid 24th Century BC)

The grouping of statues depicts the family of Neferherenptah, a priest who supervised the funerary cult of Khufu and Menkaure during Egypt's Old Kingdom. Neferherenptah was also known as Fifi.

The Family of Neferherenptah

Photographer: Unknown

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