Egypt Picture - Statuette of Raneferef

Statuette of Raneferef

JE 98171 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Painted Pink Limestone
Size: Height: 34 cmAbusir, Funerary Temple of Raneferef
Excavation: Czech Archaeological Mission Excavations of 1984-1985
Period: 5th Dynasty, Reign of Raneferef (2419-2416 BC)

This is a fragmentary statue of the pharaoh Raneferef (Neferefre) which is missing his lower legs, with the exception of one foot. He is also missing the lower half of his left hand. The king is wearing a black, curly wig and at the center of his forehead is a hole, presumably where a royal cobra was attached, the coils of which are still visible. He also wore a false beard, but this too is now gone.

Statuette of Raneferef

Photographer: Unknown

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