Egypt Picture - Necklace of Psusennes I

Necklace of Psusennes I

JE 85796 85791-85795 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Gold, Carnelian, Lapis Lazulu, Feldspar and Red Jasper
Pectoral Size: Height: 13.8 cm; Width: 13.5 cm; Thickness .07 cm
Chain Size: Length: 41 cm Each SideTanis, Tomb of Psusennes I, Burial Chamber of Psusennes I
Excavation: J. P. Montet's Excavations of 1940
Period: First Intermediate Period (1040-992 BC)

This is one of several pectorals adorning the mummy of Psusennes I. A technique was used whereby variously colored semiprecious stones were inlaid into small cells fixed to a gold base.

The center of the piece is dominated by a scarab carved from lapis lazuli. Its extended wings are inlaid with polychrome semiprecious stones. To either side are the goddesses Isis and Nephthys. Above each goddess is their prayer in favor of Psusennes.

Above the frame of the piece is an elaborate overhanging cavetto cornice.

Necklace of Psusennes I

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