Egypt Picture - Statuette of Henutnakhtu

Statuette of Henutnakhtu

JE 6056 (CG 804) Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Wood Prepared for Gilding
Size: Height 22.5 cm
Location: Saqqara
Excavation: A. Mariette's Excavations of 1859
Period: Late 18th Dynasty (Late 14th Century BC)

This is an extraordinarily graceful statue from the Eighteenth Dynasty, and is arguably one of the finest such small statues of this period. Note that the face, surmounted by a heavy three part wig, is slightly large in proportion to the rest of the figure. The robe has just one sleeve with the left arm held at her side bare. This statue would have served as part of Henutakhtu's funerary assemblage.

Statuette of Henutnakhtu

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