Egypt Picture - Statuette of a Bearer CG 34 (CG 241)

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Statuette of a Bearer

CG 34 (CG 241) Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Sycamore Wood
Size: Height 112 cm
Location: Saqqara, in the vicinity of the Pyramid of Userkaf, Mastaba C8
Excavation: A Mariette Excavations of 1860
Period: 5th Dynasty, Reign of Userkaf (2465-2458 BC)

When Mariette's workers discovered this statue, they called it "Sheikh el-Beled", because of its appearance being similar to the chief of their village. However, it actually portrays the figure of a chief lector priest known as Ka-aper.

The arms were carved separately and then attached to the body, as was the custom with wooden sculptures. As a whole, the figure is bulky with rounded head and a plump body.

Statuette of a Bearer

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