Egypt Picture - Coffin of Maatkare

Coffin of Maatkare

JE 26200 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Painted Cedar Wood and Acacia Wood and Gold Leaf
Size: Length 22.3 cm
Location: TWestern Thebes, Deir el-Bahri Cache (TT 320)
Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavations of 1881
Period: 21st Dynasty Reign of Pinudjem I (c. 1065-1045 BC)

This coffin was found among dozens of others in the first Deir al-Bahri Cache. Maatkare was probably the daughter of the high priest of Amun, Pinudjem I, and Queen Henuttawy. She probably held the title, "Divine Adoratrice of the God Amun". This coffin is of the mummiform type and is particularly large. It was probably designed to contain a second coffin.

Coffin of Maatkare

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