Egypt Picture - Anklet of Psusennes I

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Anklet of Psusennes I

JE 85781 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Gold, Lapis Luzuli, Carnelian
Size: Height 5.5 cm; Maximum External Diameter 6.6 cm
Location: Tanis, Tomb of Psusennes I
Excavation: Pierre Montet's Excavations of 1940
Period: 21st Dynasty Reign of Psusennes I (1040-992 BC)

On February 15, 1940, Montet entered the intact burial chamber of Psusennes I. The subsequent recovery of treasure from this tomb went almost unnoticed due to the Second World War. In Cairo, the objects were stored in the cellars for safekeeping and were not exhibited to the public until 1944.

Anklet of Psusennes I

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